Mediterranean diet sustains biodiversity

Br Food J If you look at the ecological literature you see that to build a sustainable agricultural system you need to reproduce certain elements of the natural vegetation. We eat as though there are two 23 planets! FQH experts contributed to a scientific debate on how to address the question of sustainable diets within organic production and consumption concepts and achievements, and what role the organic sector can play to change the global food systems toward a higher degree of sustainability.

Carbon farming is not only forest restoration: After development in central Europe, organic agriculture was implemented in nearly all regions throughout the world. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recently, we have carried out a pilot study to assess the influence of nutritional intervention on inflammatory status and wellness in people with MS [ ].

Moreover, the finding that that VDR-D activates SIRT-1 [ ] suggests that vitamin D also has an influence on cell metabolism and therefore may have properties similar to those of many other natural dietary supplements, i.

Stop the Ranching, Farming, Logging, and Hunting The impact of everyday agroscape activities on the ACG was largely eliminated by stopping the fires and purchasing the land.

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Both aspects should be studied in depth. The Andalusian olive grove landscape is arranged into countless specific landscapes that are the result of a number of specific requirements as well as geographical and historical factors, and this diversity is in turn enhanced by the variety of vegetation.

And as soon as the early 20th century, Spain had already clearly overtaken Italy.


Historically, the Guadalquivir hub has been and continues to be a strategic corridor. Org Agric 1: Luigi Ponti That is a matter of a longer growing season. It calls for united efforts by all relevant actors and at all levels.

There are many examples that show how we at Bioversity have started to try to practise what we preach in looking at neglected and underutilized species.

Diet diversity for nutrition and health

When studying ecosystems in general and agriculture ecosystems in particular, the main barrier to understand them, that means the main barrier to manage them, is complexity. Both the plant and the fly work not on the basis of our regular time scale, which is made of days and hours and minutes, but they work on the basis of physiological time, what we call day-degrees.

Conclusion and Outlook The underlying aim of the organic movement was and is still to create and develop further an alternative food system with focus on primary production agriculture.

Plankton decline hits marine food chain

Drawing on the definition of sustainable diets above, the change of consumption patterns seems to be a crucial issue in the transformation to sustainable food systems.

Criterion iii:Hamid Bilali, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Of Bari, Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Department, Department Member.

How the Organic Food System Supports Sustainable Diets and Translates These into Practice

Studies Food and Nutrition. There’s a bunch of species that we call biodiversity, Luigi Ponti Yeah, Everybody speaks about the Mediterranean diet these days in Italy and in Europe and. The case study of the Mediterranean diet as a sustainable diet model should contribute to clarify how to improve the sustainability of food systems in different.

Luigi Ponti

Theory predicts that allochthonous energy subsidies can modify the strength of trophic cascades in food webs. We tested the hypothesis that a detrital subsidy would Cited by: Despite its small area, this mediterranean Freshwater biodiversity and conservation in Freshwater biodiversity and conservation in mediterranean.

Biodiversity: Delivering results in Europe and the Major threats to Mediterranean biodiversity identified by WWF include lack of improvement of the family diet.

Mediterranean diet sustains biodiversity
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